A shaky and soggy start

After being good and putting myself to bed straight after Downton Abbey, listening to a sleep meditation and doing all the right go-to-sleep-and-stay-asleep things, I was hoping to get a good early start on the day. Unfortunately despite getting to sleep with less than the usual trouble, I spent the night alternating between waking up hotter than the fires of hell due to night sweats and waking up freezing cold after throwing the blankets off and being soaked in sweat. So this morning was a groggy affair. I did manage to make and drink a breakfast smoothie. My favourite so far:

  • Kallo chocolate coconut milk (not the stuff in tins, the litre cartons)
  • a banana
  • dessertspoon of peanut butter
  • two scoops of vanilla protein powder

Actually my favourite is plain Kallo coconut milk and chocolate protein powder but this is close enough. I’d like to try using peanut flour instead of protein powder so that it’s not so full of crap and isn’t milk protein. First I’ve got to find the peanut flour or alternative! Suggestions welcome.

After stumbling around trying to wake up for a while my brain seemed to notice that:

  1.  The coffee wasn’t working
  2. I had been blowing my nose loads
  3. I was freezing
  4. I felt really queasy
  5. I had a dreadful headache
  6. I had spent the day before sneezing constantly as had my son

Oh no! Not a cold!

Deciding that I was going to make a concerted effort not to give up hope and crawl onto the sofa with my knitting, I got dressed and took some colds meds with caffeine in. As I was setting the GPS thingy on my phone it asked for my weight which reminded me that I’d hadn’t done my weights and measurements. One quick weigh later and I was out of the door to stumble through the rain with the doglet. We got caught in a couple of huge downpours put kept on trekking along. In total I walked 3.14 miles, far more than I usually walk by far and I was struggling on the way back up the hill as my hip joint really started twinging. I kept remembering to engage my core so my abs feel like they’ve had a workout too! I’m glad I made myself go and didn’t wait for the car to come back to go to the shops but I hadn’t factored in the rain and carrying the shopping on the way back. I didn’t even buy that much.

So day one went ok over all. I’ve done some exercise, done something I wouldn’t usually, eaten healthily and drunk loads of water. Now it’s time for dinner – red lentil and peppers sauce with spaghetti. No cheese on top for me. I’ll have Engevita instead as it’s full of B vitamins and tastes like cheese without the grease!

I’ll decide what I’m doing exercisewise tomorrow when I know how I feel. I need to do something tomorrow as Wednesday is going to have to be a day off. I start the day with a Prostap injection into my stomach and they always make me feel pretty grotty.

High point: I bought new yarn!

Low point: pain in my right hip joint on the way back up the hill

Starting weight: 67.6 kg/10.6 stone

Measurements: I’ll try and do them later and add them in.


  1. Breakfast smoothie (recipe above)
  2. a roast potato (rubbish I know but I wasn’t hungry, just grazing)
  3. Lentil and peppers sauce with spaghetti

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alisa on October 3, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Good effort especially with a cold!


  2. Thanks honey x


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