Hanging on or just hanging?

The planned day off after the injection was (again) not as restful as it should have been due to Doglet needing to be walked. Over all it was probably a good idea as last night dancing excursion was not as calorie burning as it should have been! When a night is promoted as Soul and Funk, I really didn’t expect it to all be from the 1980s! Only managed to find my groove for a few songs but the drinks were flowing so I doubt that I managed to dance off what I drank never mind any extra.

High point: (Naughty) Espresso martini! (Healthy) drinking half Coke and half soda as a spirit mixer – no sugar substitutes just less sugar and no furry teeth after two drinks.

Low point: Hmm was it drunkenly deciding that a good snack would be gluten free cocoa pops with full fat milk and Kaluha…or waking up at 5.30 this morning needing to drink all the water in the world. Oh or right now, my head, right now .

It’s sunny, I may try to walk Doglet later but my expectations for today are very low indeed!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha….been there myself many times! My drunken snack is traditionally cheese on toast – and usually ends up with more of it on the floor/bed than in my mouth.


    • Mmmm cheese on toast used to be my favourite too. Bloody hormone treatments have given me a sweet tooth that requires regularly medicating with chocolate!

      Bugger, now I want cheese on toast!


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